Thursday, November 20, 2003

Of Couriers, Mail and Tantrums...

One of the best things about blogging is coming up with titles. One of the hardest, this week at least, was finding the few minutes to blog. Not because that meant sending over a file to blogger, but because it meant gathering my scattered thoughts together long enough to not only write coherently, but actually have something to say! Perhaps it is because I can still hear my grandmother’s voice over my shoulder...”If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything!”

I’ve always believed in counting my blessings... so here goes:

Thank goodness for model stitchers, even if couriers that are supposed to deliver something overnight to a city less than 3 hours away take OVER 24 hours to do so.

Thank goodness for shops who think to check with me when something takes too long to arrive in the mail... so that we can find out that the parcel has gone missing instead of me wondering why my cheque is late and them wondering where the stuff they ordered is...

Thank goodness that both my girls have recovered enough to have fights with me and pick on each other instead of “being nice to her because she’s sick”...

Thank goodness that once they fall asleep, they can’t have any more tantrums (and they look SO cute when they are asleep!)

Thank goodness I found all the stitches I dropped in my knitting tonight when I tried to watch TV instead of just listen....

Thank goodness that the past few days have been filled with fun as well as challenges and that each tomorrow is always full of unexpected possibilities.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Thinking Long TerM and Short Term at the same time

Ah the chaos and joy of Monday mornings. This was such a busy weekend that it doesn’t feel as if I have rested much.. but it is nice to have the quite house.

I sat down to try to plan out long term projects for 2004. I wonder if this is how swimsuit models feel trying to look warm and sunny on a beach somewhere in the middle of December... I know that many industries work far ahead, but sometimes my brain has trouble with that. I also need to keep things flexible, because you just never know when a new design idea will bump something out of your “lineup” and demand to butt ahead!

I’m also looking at how many weeks there are until Christmas (anyone else counted and panicked yet?) to break down both work and gift making agendas into manageable loads. (deep breath... no panicking!) I am amazed at how my calendar is cluttering up with events and activities too. Not that this is a bad thing, it is fun to be social! Most of all I am looking forward to NOT going anywhere this year. As much fun as it is to get together with family, I am looking forward to one Christmas in our own house... something Bethany has yet to experience!

Back to work... I never thought I would make up little to do lists like my Mom, but they come in handy!