Monday, May 16, 2005

Wounded Dragonlets...

I’ve just about had enough of the Canadian Health Care System in the past week. The fact that so many cuts have absolutely cannibalized what used to be the pride of our country while millions of our tax dollars were spent funding bogus Sponsorship events in Quebec or lining the pockets of politicians and ad executives is enough to make me SCREAM!

Thursday night, Erin had her first mountain bike accident and we spend over 4.5 hours in the Emergency Department of the hospital, 4 of which was just waiting for a chance to get down to X-ray! She was scrapped up and shaken, but the right hand pinkie finger that she landed on with most of her weight was just badly sprained rather than broken. She has it “dummy splinted” to her ring finger and we’re waiting to see if the swelling will go down. Nick felt horrible because he was the one who took her out to the trails so that they could both try out their mountain bikes and apparently Erin’s front tire caught his back one as they came down a slight hill a bit too close together. Considering the fact that there were people in the Emergency department who’d been there for over 7 hours, we got off lightly, but it has left a very sour taste in my mouth to see the Prime Minister who campaigned on fixing health care beg for more time in office until the full extent of the Sponsorship Scandal is known.

Friday night was family activity night at St. Pat’s right after Nick and I finished our deep water running class, so we dried off and met the girls in the gym for some summer fun of badminton, beach balls and frisbees. Unfortunately as Nick tried to show Bethany the neat trick of “skipping” the frisbee off the floor first, she rushed forward to try to catch what she thought was a low throw and the frisbee bounced right up into her bottom lip, curling it over the bottom teeth so that they went right into her lip and started the blood flowing everywhere. Bethany is like her father and goes absolutely WHITE at the sight of blood. I don’t think I realized how many freckles she had until they all stood out against her pale face! We got some ice and managed to staunch the flow of blood, but her lip puffed up like crazy which scared her further. “Can lips break forever, Mommy?” she kept asking. I explained how fast mouths heal and sure enough by this morning at the bus stop, there was hardly enough to show off to her friends except on the inside of the lips where the scraped area is trying to make new skin. Poor Nick felt horrid and hardly even cracked a smile when other people started teasing me that I would be next! Had she needed stitches, it would have been HIS turn to go sit for hours at the hospital... if I’d been able to pry my little Bethany possum from my body.

Now the house is quiet on a grey, rainy, cold May morning. It looks and feels more like November outside unless I take in a deep lung full of air. Then I can smell the wet growing things making the most of this moisture. I have paperwork to sort through and a missing receipt to find in the chaos of my office. We received a damaged pile of patterns on Friday from the US Post Office that looks like HALF of my last Hoffman shipment in pieces, so I am hinting for the insurance receipt that seems not to be in the postage file. Sigh! I think if I wrap my claws around something warm and put on some good tunes, I can pretend that I am actually looking for treasure in the piles instead!