Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Challenges Force Us To Grow...

The internal soul-searching that I’ve done over the past few weeks as the book gets ready to go to press has stayed out of the blogs, which is why I’ve been quiet, until I drove myself crazy with self-doubt this past week and technology kept making things more difficult.

I have drawn by hand and taken that seriously since I was 11.  That’s now 34 years of experience feeling the pen or pencil in my hand and working digitally with a tablet still feels so different.  When I watch what some of the younger artists are capable of doing digitally with a tablet and layers in Photoshop, I feel strangely left behind.

The book cover for Emily Finds A Dragon is done after a very hectic week and I shared all the details about the process on my Doodling Dragons blog.

This is the shorter version for those of you who just wanted a quick peek at the final cover for the book.