Friday, October 05, 2007

Being A Parent...

I meant to blog all week. Honest. I really did! Instead I found myself writing in my old-fashioned journal and getting caught up with myself. Tonight, I finally had time and realized one very profound fact....

If I hide in the basement long enough, I won’t eat my children.

Ok... so maybe they wouldn’t really be tasty, even with ketchup, but sometimes it is safer to be the grown up, count to ten and leave the room instead of turning into the growliest mother dragon on the planet!

As any parent knows, some days or nights (weeks, months, years?) are more of a challenge than others. It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to run full tilt all week, doing physiotherapy, getting kits ready for Toronto etc. In the midst of this, my grumpy season hits a week early. I should have known something was up last night when I was baking cookies for Nick’s staff and suddenly needed to eat two chocolate chip cookies without so much as a pause for air between them.

Tonight, Nick went off with his staff to do a group bonding exercise on the new treetop adventure here in Centennial Park. It is a whole obstacle course of bridges, zip lines and climbing things in a course that takes over two hours to complete. The staff was going off to this adventure and I, being the noble mom and wife (and feeling way to icky to be on a zip line anyway) stayed home with my girls.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until a few minutes ago when Nick called to say that he stopped the course early because he’d accidentally ended up UPSIDE DOWN about 35 feet in the air on one of the wires held by his harness and his carabiner! I would have screamed myself unconscious!!!

So maybe hiding in my office and listening to the girls laugh themselves silly over Lego Star Wars as they slash each other with light sabers is not so bad.

Now if I can just find some chocolate and red wine to go with my hot bath later!