Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Home Sweet Home...

I finally arrived home late Monday afternoon.. almost 20 hours later than I was supposed to thanks to Canjet’s lack of planes and communication. While I was thankful for the hotel room Sunday night and the token meal vouchers, I wish that they’d been more up front with all of us on the two flights that ended up being canceled. It wasn’t until we all gathered at the airport lounge the next day that we began to piece together what we think must have happened.

When the first plane was affected, they looked at which flight had the least amount of people booked on it (the Moncton flight) and delayed then canceled that one. When the plane arrived late from New York for the flight that needed to go to Halifax... it was mysteriously canceled after the waiting flight crew was sent off somewhere. Many of the people on that aborted Halifax flight believe that their plane was instead commandeered to head down to Florida and rescue the stranded passengers there to bring them to Toronto. A few of them ended up on our newly created Monday 12:35 pm flight. At least.... it should have been 12:35.

Most of us got to the airport in plenty of time. I even managed to find some “Make it up to the Kids” goodies while waiting. I also did a cartoon sketch of a dragon stranded in a waiting lounge with other passengers as the rain pours down outside with a caption that reads “Really? My flight was grounded due to bad weather too!” As the time to board the plane grew closer, the girl at the check in counter came on the intercom to explain that although the plane was ready to go, they were still waiting for the crew that was being bussed in from Hamilton!!! You should have heard the groans, screams and general cries of outrage when that announcement was made. They did give the crew a standing ovation and round of cheers when they did arrive, and we all clapped ourselves silly when the plane finally took off. I didn’t kiss the ground when I arrived safely in Moncton, but the thought did cross my mind. Instead, I headed home to hug my family!!

Now, I am tackling my last two big deadlines for May 1st... then I can’t wait for life to switch to a calmer pace... I have a dragon to finish stitching!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Grounded Dragon Stuck In Toronto

Well.... I never made it home last night to the utter dismay of my girls. The flight to Moncton was cancelled entirely. In an Amazing Race moment, four of us tried to jump on a flight to Halifax and then rent a car to drive to Moncton... but just as we got our luggage back, raced up escalators and went to the head of the Check-in line, they cancelled that flight as well!So I got on a hotel shuttle and spent another night in a Toronto hotel room. At least I got some stitching done! I just can't wait to hug my family!!!! By 4:00 pm today I should be there.. they created a new flight just for all us strays. I certainly wish this dragon had wings of her own!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stuck When I Want To Be Home!

I finished teaching my classes at the CSNF in Toronto this afternoon at 4:20 and raced right to the airport to check in for my 6:30 flight home. I was so excited to get a connection that would have me on the ground by 9:30, which meant that Nick could meet me at the airport!
When I arrived here, I discovered that Canjet was flying one plane short... so my flight had been rescheduled to leave here at MIDNIGHT! Wannnnnhhhhh! I can feel for all the scrambling they've had to do, but compared to our experiences in the US this past March Break, flying on Canadian airlines leaves a LOT to be desired... no meal voucher, nada.
Now I'm going to be flying home through icky weather, heavy rain and only getting home sometime after 2:30 pm. There's only one thing to do... go find a comfy seat and stitch!
I can't wait to hug and hold my family once I make it home!!