Friday, September 07, 2007

Ask Me If I Missed Them...

I meant to post this on Wednesday morning as soon as I skipped home from the bus stop. Tuesdays, I work outside the house, so Wednesday was really the first day of freedom to work in an empty house.

I’ve got 85% of the web site ready in iWeb to transfer over to Adobe GoLive next week and it is looking SO much better than the stuff I could design in the other programs! Unfortunately, I’ve also had some tests scheduled this week that took me away from the computer. After fasting overnight, I got down to the blood lab this morning for another round of bloodwork and the room was packed! I was there for over 2 hours and pretty faint by the time I left since my 8 hour fast was more like 12! I headed right for somewhere to get breakfast. Beware of Hungry Dragons!

Now our family is off to a wonderful overnight retreat on the coast. My kids can’t wait to roast marshmallows over the campfire tonight and hunt on the beach for beach glass tomorrow, especially with the weatherman calling for weather in the 28-32 degree range (84-88 degrees F) This may be one of the last nice summer weekends. I actually had to cover my tomatoes a few nights ago when we had a frost warming!

As much as I love my family, I much prefer an empty, quiet house in which to create... and skip about madly when no one is looking!

Monday, September 03, 2007

SO Close......

Happy Labour Day everyone!!

After months of wanting to just beat my head against the computer screen, I am filled with hope again! I have spent the better part of the weekend rebuilding my website for the 4th time this summer and patching it between two programs... doing the layout in iWeb which is more visual drag and drop (but limited in terms of customizing code since I don't have the newest version on my system) then reworking the files in Adobe GoLive which is MUCH more complicated than I first expected it to be but will have all the rollover features for mousing that I need the portfolios and new needlework sections to have.

I am still feeling slightly cross-eyed from more hours on the computer than my hands are comfy with... but it LOOKS so good. I just hope the code works as I start adding all the hyper links in GoLive so that I can get this up and running as soon as possible for all you patient Dragon Dreams fans.

Here’s a quick peek at the little dragon that will grace the stitching part of the site. Start thinking of a nickname for her... him... it... that’s one of the first contests once everything is up live. Don’t post them in the comments though or someone may steal your great idea!

Now, I need to dial my Canadian Idol votes in...