Thursday, October 15, 2009

When You Can’t Control How Life Unfolds...

It’s really late back home.  I don’t sleep well on the road and a warm bath didn’t do much to soothe the jangled nerves, but I’m going to crawl into bed soon.

Today didn’t unfold the way I’d planned and I am worried about Teresa, who should have been here in the hotel room in Toronto giggling with me instead of lying sick in bed at home.  As challenging as it was to have to think about adapting things for the rest of the weekend, I’d still rather be me than be barfing!

It really was the moment of truth today to see if I could put my Inhaling Creativity  explorations into practice.  Funny how sometimes we learn things just in time to really use them!

Now if only I could get all these ideas out of my head so that I can get some sleep!

Get well soon, Teresa!!