Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Toronto Bound...

I get on the plane tomorrow morning at 6 am to fly up to Toronto for the Spring Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. I’ve survived the barfies and 2 week queasies that came with that rotten flu, celebrated both my girls’ birthdays, finished another major graphics assignment, nursed everyone else in the family through another round of head colds and tried to keep on top of things with what still feels like only half of my regular energy.

I had to admit to myself after the flu that “Dragon of the Deeps” was NOT going to be ready for Toronto. It was so hard to feel like I had “failed” a deadline of my own making... but the design is turning out so much better than I expected that I refuse to cut corners and rush it. The border just “sings” and I think I might even like it better than the one in Moonlight Guardian! I know that I can release it through Hoffman for the June show in Columbus.... but it still feels strange. A decade ago, I would have gone the week or two on 3 hours sleep a night to get it done. Does that make me wiser now or less single-minded?

Mum and John are here to help with the girls while I am away, especially important since the teachers are on Work To Rule and the daily schedules are all wonky. Bethany isn’t quite as sad... or wasn’t until I tucked her into bed tonight. How do I explain to her that as much as I love her, I also really enjoy the time being away and “ON” like I get to be at these shows. Meeting stitchers and spending time amid so many different crafts is one of the most wonderful things about the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. It is unlike any show I have ever attended. I get SO inspired to try crafts of all kinds... that I hope my inner batteries get a real boost.

Once I get through May 1st, I hope life will return to a more reasonable pace and I can catch up on all my e-mail. I guess the April Fool’s joke is that my website got stuck in a time warp of that weekend for the whole month!