Monday, October 23, 2006

Tired... But Totally Recharged!

I’m back home and not really unpacked or caught up on laundry yet, but I have a huge grin on my face from the many wonderful memories about this year’s CreativFestival in Toronto! I got to spend time with a fabulous bunch of stitchers, wander through lots of temptation on the show floor, eat some great ethnic food, spend time with one of my best friends and hopefully excite people about the crafts they love while still being very, very real about the challenges that designers face.

I know that I certainly came away feeling more hopeful about the industry than I have in a long time. Not because the markets indicate things are turning around and certainly not because there is any quick solution to the problems that designers in any craft face from piracy. The issue of Macleans magazine that I picked up in Toronto has a huge article about the Internet and how it has actually become a home for pirates, thieves, porn and mediocrity where the purchase of music basically relies on the honour system. That is true for much of the craft industry now as well. I must find the quote that I like and post it here tomorrow. I’d never dream of copying out the whole article!

For all the stitchers who offered feedback, hugs, food, good company and giggles this weekend, especially when the dragon went off on a tangent (DING!) I thank you. You have helped recharge something deep inside me that was feeling empty and you won’t believe some of the crazy ideas I have for NEXT fall.

To Teresa, who reminded me how precious it can be to have a friend who truly understands the insanity we’ve chosen as part of our careers, the search for what else we need to fill our plates and how important it is to be able to laugh at ourselves when we mess up kit counting at 1 am... thank you for being such a great roomie during the show. I hope this can become a more regular tradition!

I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight... so that I am coherent when I lead my Weight Watcher meetings tomorrow! Goodnight!