Thursday, April 19, 2007

When Things Get Dark...

Tomorrow at last the weather promises to be beautiful and warm after a LONG month of snow, sleet and windy cold. Usually April is a lovely month with just the occasional sudden storm that melts almost the next day. It was hard to thaw out my hands the past two days after playing with the icy water of the pump outside when sleet switched to rain and rain to snow or more sleet. I am hopeful that tomorrow and the weekend will indeed be lovely. Our whole city will probably throw open windows to air things out, hang laundry on the line, go for walks and take a deep breath in the hope that winter is finally over.

Life is like that as well. We go through times of darkness or sorrow and it feels as if icy rain lashes us every day. We cannot seem to get warm or feel happiness. The news does not help with stories of such aching tragedies, so we make up our little survival tactics and lists...

1) Give thanks for waking up.

2) Hug those you love and tell them so.

3) Put on clean underwear like your mother always told you to.

4) Eat a good breakfast.

5) Briefly contemplate the merits of hiding from the world under a comfy blanket with an
uplifting book and lots of chocolate....

6) Go out into the world with a smile and try to say something nice to everyone you meet.

7) Do the best that you can that day. Slow but steady wins the race. Find one task,
however small, to accomplish.

8) Hug everyone when you get home.

9) Be thankful you have more than one meal to eat today.

10) Have a warm bath or shower and be glad the water is clean.

11) Wish those you love good night.

12) Before falling asleep, think of all the things that DID go right in the chaos of the day.
Avoid watching late night headlines.

Repeat daily... but occasionally give in to urge for good books and chocolate!