Thursday, January 19, 2006


Sometimes, the best thing about setting a goal or timeframe is actually beating it! I needed to get all of my files to the printer by tomorrow if there was a chance of them squeezing in the two jobs I need professionally printed for Nashville! Nothing worse that taking printed matter whose ink isn’t quite dry with you. First of all, the product is prone to transfer smudges, secondly it still smells quite strongly and third, the panic feelings of wondering if it will be ready are just plain unpleasant.

I actually got the files all done and sent over this morning after a little help with the proofing from a patient friend (thanks again!!). Sometimes you just stare at things too long to be objective. Stitchers are such clever people that they find the mistakes... but that is AFTER you have already printed your press run!!

Now there is just one last model to stitch and frame for the show. Nick and I can do a sampler in tandem. On a solid piece, our tension is a bit to different to look as smooth as I’d like, but on a sampler, he can whiz through the text backstitching, one or the other can handle the cross stitch and then I do the specialty stitches.

I’m also thrilled with how DD-90 MESSY...BUT MINE! looks now that it is back from the framer’s!! This dragon was such fun to design on her pile of treasure. I even hid my ipod in the stash!!! Of course there had to be a teddy bear and some books to read as well as typical dragon loot... Nick jokes that this model needs to hang on my office door as soon as it gets home from all its shows! Hah! Hah!

With the files out of the way early, I should move on to something practical, but my hands feel like drawing today, so I am going to eat lunch and spend the hour before Bethany gets home just working on one of my pieces for the DragonCon jury. A little Josh Groban music in the background and time to draw sounds like heaven right now!!!