Friday, March 04, 2005

Taking Time To Be...

The chaos of post Nashville has finally calmed down just a bit and everyone is on the mend from the colds, asthma attacks and general mayhem. I’ve managed to nurse everyone back to health without getting more than the sniffles.

Now, as everyone else in my family will be enjoying March Break, it is time for me to unplug from the world a bit and just take the time to be...

...time to be with my family and remember that they come first.

...time to just lose myself in the pleasure of trying out a box of new crayons in a colouring book or just drawing in my sketchbook for the sheer pleasure of it instead of to come up with ideas.

...time to catch up on sleep.

...time to laugh more with my kids.

...time to spend evenings with my husband where neither of us are batching leaflets as we chat.

...time to go out to a movie or dinner or maybe both!

...time to recharge my hug batteries.

...time to just watch the world around me go by and not fill every moment with things to do or deadlines to meet.

I think I am going to enjoy this!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tired...But Happy!

My ears are still ringing a bit from the concert tonight. Even though it was a Monday night and a school night, it was the Kaylan Porter concert here in town! Erin’s best friend stood in line and bought our tickets when they expanded the venue since we were stuck in swimming lessons that day, so tonight was their first concert experience. It was an enjoyable show, but the seating was so tight that I finally moved back two rows to a section of empty seats where I could put my legs sideways a bit. I could see the expressions on Erin’s face as she and her friend giggled and screamed their way through the evening beside her friend’s mom and grandmother, but I wish I could have shared more of the time with her.

We came home late and I got her tucked into bed before coming down to the office to update the website. I am really proud of the sample chart for HOPE, but I am really ready to crawl into bed now that all the files have been transferred over to the site. I wonder if the snowstorm that’s supposed to barrel down on us soon will keep everyone home for a quiet day tomorrow?? I’ll wait and see...