Thursday, May 06, 2004

Princess Day Tomorrow...

Well, we finally have our van back now that they managed to discover what the problem was... the alternator (at least I think that is how it is spelled!) but we won’t need it tomorrow!! Whenever there is a “professional development day”, we let Nick go off to work, then the girls and I lounge about in our PJs and watch DVDs or play games, do crafts, bake things etc. It can be a wonderful break and down time with my girls... or it can be a masterful feat of juggling so that they feel like they are being spoiled and having Mommy spend time with them, but I still sneak down when they are watching movies to check e-mail etc.

Tomorrow we are also inviting two princesses from up the street and that Mommy for an afternoon Tea Party... so it should be a bit more chaos, merriment and juggling than usual.

With the large order I received from one distributor, I took the plunge and decided to have the cover sheets for A Dragon’s Tea Party, Of Woods and Wilderness as well as Dani the Stitching Dragon printed up my local printer rather than run my dependable little Epson 740 into the ground, so I stopped by to sign off on the Iris proof this morning so that the job can go to press first thing in the morning and I will have all the covers by Saturday at noon. Then I am calling in some favours because many hands make light work and we shall have a batching party to get everything ready to ship.

Now it’s time to run up and tuck my oldest Princess in bed....

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Pedometers are addictive!

Once I finally got my stride properly programmed into my pedometer, I was hooked! It is such fun to see how many steps you actually take in a day or week when you make a conscious effort to move more! I’ve even started making two trips up and down the stairs sometimes instead of risking the trail with overly full arms.

I’ve had to run a few errands to places within a 5 or 10 minute walk and am gleefully leaving the van in the driveway to do it... or looking for parking spaces in the middle of two points I need to visit. It may not seem that much at the time, but all those little steps really do add up. Considering that I need to sit to stitch or to be on the computer, making an effort to move more often during the day should keep this dragon’s butt from getting any bigger.

I need to get the web site updates done... but I just have no energy tonight after a very hectic day... so I am going to goof off tonight and finish knitting a scarf I started weeks ago. Sigh! It’s hard to ignore that little voice that screams of deadlines and pushing the limits... but I shall just duct tape it’s mouth shut for tonight!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Pack, Stuff, Ship, Fax, Phone......

It was one of those days with so much to do and get out... and it didn’t help that our van was in the shop to try and figure out why the battery keeps draining too fast. Nick also had things to pick up for school and get ready for a staff meeting. Moncton is one of those cities where there really isn’t a viable public transit system unless you can handle waiting an hour between buses on the same route, so the dealership was at least cooperative enough to give us a demonstrator for the day.

I also discovered a form on my desk that should have been faxed out on Friday, so off that went while I sorted through e-mail... only to discover that May somehow crept up on me before I knew it. Yikes!!! I’d best get my website updates done before even more e-mail comes in asking about what is new for this month!!

I have meetings tonight and tomorrow morning, so I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. I sometimes wish I could clone myself.... but then I’d probably fight with myself all the time who was going to have to do the ickier tasks.

At least it feels good to know that most of my packages for the last batch of orders has gone out and that Just Cross Stitch received my ornament this morning. Now I just have to finalize my Columbus lineup and get ready to pre-ship stuff. Five weeks is plenty of time... right??

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sunshine, Songs and Bubbles...

I try to always keep Sunday as a family day. It doesn’t always end up being a day of “rest” and certainly a far cry from the times my grandmother used to tell me about when they had to sit quietly all afternoon and not play with their toys!

Today is the second, glorious, sunny, hot day in a row we’ve enjoyed here. A very FAR cry from the snow last Sunday!! Several of us in the choir loft found it almost too warm under the gowns by the end of our special Anniversary service, but the two anthems we got to sing were just too much fun.

Since lunch I have found time to putter in the garden while I watched Erin and Bethany enjoy the first soap bubble bonanza of the year and listen to their giggles as they raced around the backyard to try to pop each other’s biggest bubbles.

Now they are out with Nick washing the van and “helping Daddy”, so I thought I would grab a few minutes to blog as my second printer chugs out the cover sheets for another batching session tonight.