Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sunshine, Songs and Bubbles...

I try to always keep Sunday as a family day. It doesn’t always end up being a day of “rest” and certainly a far cry from the times my grandmother used to tell me about when they had to sit quietly all afternoon and not play with their toys!

Today is the second, glorious, sunny, hot day in a row we’ve enjoyed here. A very FAR cry from the snow last Sunday!! Several of us in the choir loft found it almost too warm under the gowns by the end of our special Anniversary service, but the two anthems we got to sing were just too much fun.

Since lunch I have found time to putter in the garden while I watched Erin and Bethany enjoy the first soap bubble bonanza of the year and listen to their giggles as they raced around the backyard to try to pop each other’s biggest bubbles.

Now they are out with Nick washing the van and “helping Daddy”, so I thought I would grab a few minutes to blog as my second printer chugs out the cover sheets for another batching session tonight.

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