Thursday, May 06, 2004

Princess Day Tomorrow...

Well, we finally have our van back now that they managed to discover what the problem was... the alternator (at least I think that is how it is spelled!) but we won’t need it tomorrow!! Whenever there is a “professional development day”, we let Nick go off to work, then the girls and I lounge about in our PJs and watch DVDs or play games, do crafts, bake things etc. It can be a wonderful break and down time with my girls... or it can be a masterful feat of juggling so that they feel like they are being spoiled and having Mommy spend time with them, but I still sneak down when they are watching movies to check e-mail etc.

Tomorrow we are also inviting two princesses from up the street and that Mommy for an afternoon Tea Party... so it should be a bit more chaos, merriment and juggling than usual.

With the large order I received from one distributor, I took the plunge and decided to have the cover sheets for A Dragon’s Tea Party, Of Woods and Wilderness as well as Dani the Stitching Dragon printed up my local printer rather than run my dependable little Epson 740 into the ground, so I stopped by to sign off on the Iris proof this morning so that the job can go to press first thing in the morning and I will have all the covers by Saturday at noon. Then I am calling in some favours because many hands make light work and we shall have a batching party to get everything ready to ship.

Now it’s time to run up and tuck my oldest Princess in bed....

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