Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Pedometers are addictive!

Once I finally got my stride properly programmed into my pedometer, I was hooked! It is such fun to see how many steps you actually take in a day or week when you make a conscious effort to move more! I’ve even started making two trips up and down the stairs sometimes instead of risking the trail with overly full arms.

I’ve had to run a few errands to places within a 5 or 10 minute walk and am gleefully leaving the van in the driveway to do it... or looking for parking spaces in the middle of two points I need to visit. It may not seem that much at the time, but all those little steps really do add up. Considering that I need to sit to stitch or to be on the computer, making an effort to move more often during the day should keep this dragon’s butt from getting any bigger.

I need to get the web site updates done... but I just have no energy tonight after a very hectic day... so I am going to goof off tonight and finish knitting a scarf I started weeks ago. Sigh! It’s hard to ignore that little voice that screams of deadlines and pushing the limits... but I shall just duct tape it’s mouth shut for tonight!

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