Monday, October 20, 2008

From Highs To Lows...

I had a WONDERFUL, soul-recharging weekend teaching in Toronto, but woke up this morning with NO VOICE! I did the sensible thing and went back to bed once I got the kids off to school and slept most of the day.

Erin arrived home after school while Bethany stayed behind for the final practice of cross country running before the District meet tomorrow. When she and some of the other faster runners finished their laps, they were told to go and play on the playground equipment where Bethany fell from the monkey bars. The 3 hour visit to the hospital was really quite quick compared to some of our more recent visits and I had the presence of mind to grab my knitting on the way out the door, so the heel of my sock is almost done. Bethany has a buckle fracture to her LEFT wrist this time and will spend the next 3 weeks in a fiberglass splint.

Talk about coming back to reality with a bang!

I will blog more about everything tomorrow while I am home with her.