Friday, September 02, 2005

The Dragon Has Landed!

I've arrived in Atlanta and have registered for both DragonCon and the Masquerade contest on Sunday night. Tonight, Teresa and I are meeting with some area stitchers for a great dinner out and then the rest of the weekend will just be Teresa and I wandering around DragonCon trying not to gape at the incredible (and outrageous) costumes around us.

This should be SO cool!!
What I Do For A Living...

It’s late and the taxi arrives in under 5 hours. I can always sleep on the plane and am almost a bit too wired to sleep anyway. I am SO looking forward to DragonCon and yet tonight, I had to put my littlest one to bed in tears. Bethany has always minded time spent apart from me, though she’s happy as a clam to play somewhere else in the house just knowing that I am here when she wants me. Tonight, amid sobs, she asked me why I had to go away for “days and days” for shows.

I explained that one of the reasons I can be there to get her off the bus every school day and help her with her homework every afternoon is because I don’t have a job that’s like most jobs. She has a few friends who have to go to daycare after school every day and so can sort of understand that the time she gets normally is offset by me having to go away now and then for 3-5 days at a time.

This time, having just been to Charlotte for a show as a family, she kept asking why we couldn’t ALL go. It’s rather blunt to have to tell your child “We just don’t have the money to do that.” but in the end, it is a lot more real. Erin is aware of how angry many of the adults are in town today with gas hitting 1.39 cents a liter. That’s about 4 dollars a gallon. Still cheap by European standards, but Moncton doesn’t have that great a transit system, so people are really wondering what they will do.

Would I change what I do for a living? Absolutely not! Do I sometimes wish that I could trade some of the creative freedom for a bit more financial security? Of course! Am I going to have a great time wearing a sword or painting myself green this weekend? YOU BET!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting Excited About The Weekend!

It’s hard not to have crossover in my blogs these days as I get ready to leave for Dragon*Con in 3 days. Teresa and I are going to have such a blast in Atlanta! the more details they release about how our section of Moncton is going to be shut down for the Rolling Stones concert, the more I ache for Nick who is going to be looking after the kids this weekend while I jaunt off.

Tonight Bethany asked me WHY I was going to Atlanta. I explained to her that I was following a dream and that some day, she would understand. I love my two girls more than life itself sometimes, but they also will see that you can still have dreams of your own to chase, even after you become a “Mommy”!

The reaction to the blond hair was quite funny at Weight Watchers this morning when I led my Tuesday meeting. They are all waiting to see pictures of me green on stage as She-Hulk when I do the meeting next Tuesday morning, so I will be sure that the batteries of my digital camera are well charged.

I’m actually taking stitching with me to work on... LOL! I think it will keep me calm! I’m absolutely giddy since I found out that Anne McCaffrey, Marv Wolfman and Richard Hatch will be roaming around Atlanta too along with Lynn Abbey, Jody Lynn Nye, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Robin Curtis, Dean Stockwell, Larry Elmore etc. I’ll be such a fan if I’m not careful!!! I wonder if Lorenzo Lamas remembers staring in SNAKEEATER with me 16 years ago?

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Dragon Goes Blond!

I’m getting ready for Dragon*Con in Atlanta this coming weekend and went to the hairdresser for a trim to keep my hair nice and short under the wig when I dress up in costume Sunday night as She-Hulk... but while I was there I decided to go blond instead of the red rinses I’ve been putting in the past few years. I posted a picture on my other blog for those of you who are curious.

We had a great time at the family wedding in Ottawa and I even got to meet up with my old college roommate who was kind enough to drive all the way out to the airport on HER 40th birthday, with her family, so that we could see each other. Our kids had a blast blowing bubbles in chocolate milk and scarfing down Timbits while we chatted and then dashed for the plane.

We arrived home to find that Nick has not only painted the whole rec room the colour we’d chosen, he even came up with a much better floor plan and moved most of the furniture. I think that he and the kids may tackle some of the black furniture to see if they can scuff it up and paint it white or colours to match the room better this weekend while I am away. With more than 70,000 people invading Moncton this weekend for the Rolling Stones concert, he isn’t going to try to go very far on Saturday, especially since we should be able to hear the concert from the house!

It’s actually fun getting ready to go away on another trip that isn’t all business. Actually, this is just a crazy dream that I’ve had for over 4 years, ever since I decided I needed to take off the extra weight I was carrying. I needed a good carrot that would help me keep it off permanently, or at least for a few years. Looking ahead to 40 back then and declaring that I would “find a major comic/sci-fi convention and dress up as She-Hulk” sometime in 2005 seemed a LONG way off. Now here it is just 6 days away!

I can honestly say that chasing this dream has been as exciting as seeing my name in a cross stitch magazine for the first time, or getting fan mail, or painting something for a gift that you know really touched someone, or learning how to do the butterfly stroke in swimming, or going on a corkscrew roller coaster will Erin this summer...

Whenever we take on a new challenge or chase a dream or create something, we are recharging something inside! I can’t wait!!!