Friday, November 30, 2007

Up and Around Again...

OK. I’m up and moving again after yesterday’s adventures and the horror of getting ready for the test. My kids will NEVER be able to get out of taking icky cough medicine again in their lives, because they have watched Mommy be brave and drink something that tasted like lemon-flavoured battery acid and burned all the way down.

The preparation really was worse than the procedure! They took a few samples to double check one area, but nothing really bad showed up, so one more thing to cross off the list! I am thankful that the doctors are being thorough and careful... but I truly hate being the case that is baffling them! The one funny part was not being allowed to go home until I’d had some big farts... I’ll have to cartoon a dragon fart sometime!

Someone sent me this link in an e-mail to make me smile and it worked! Can you imagine putting the costume on in the first place?

This weekend should be fun as we put up the decorations as this year’s Advent season gets underway. The Josh Groban Noël CD arrived just in time!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy and Sore...

When I’m quiet for a while on the blog, it usually means that I am either sore or busy. This past week has been both!

I went for another CT scan of the whole spinal area and again, did not fit the machine so much of the dragon’s long, long legs suspended out into space as I tried to brace my abs and hold the legs up as they ran me through the scanner. Now I know what a pattern feels like when it’s being copied! No unauthorized extra copies of me please!

I’ve also been working hard on a set of drawings for Owen and the dinosaur. I went through 2 or 3 days of hating what my hands were producing because I decided to go with coloured pencil and brush marker instead of watercolour. To me the differences are VERY obvious! I was mourning the loss of some of the things I can do with paint while savouring how much faster each drawing could go together because I didn’t have to wait for everything to dry before adding my ink details.... I’d worked myself into a lather when I met with the author to see which he preferred. He sat at the dining room table, looked at both... peered at them closer and told me that until I pointed out the details, he couldn’t see much of a difference!

Artists sometimes get so obsessed with detail that it gets in the way. I bet all creative types can be like that. Some stitchers worry so much about a mistake that seems glaring to them, they forget that most people won’t ever notice unless they point the mistake out.

This week is the most invasive test thus far and I go off all forms of pain medication tonight, eat lightly tomorrow and basically purge the dragon completely on Wednesday before the test on Thursday. I won’t go into details or doodle any cartoons unless something totally twisted comes to mind, but I might show off some of the drawings later this week, just to put some pictures up here. It always feels so naked when there are only words!