Friday, November 30, 2007

Up and Around Again...

OK. I’m up and moving again after yesterday’s adventures and the horror of getting ready for the test. My kids will NEVER be able to get out of taking icky cough medicine again in their lives, because they have watched Mommy be brave and drink something that tasted like lemon-flavoured battery acid and burned all the way down.

The preparation really was worse than the procedure! They took a few samples to double check one area, but nothing really bad showed up, so one more thing to cross off the list! I am thankful that the doctors are being thorough and careful... but I truly hate being the case that is baffling them! The one funny part was not being allowed to go home until I’d had some big farts... I’ll have to cartoon a dragon fart sometime!

Someone sent me this link in an e-mail to make me smile and it worked! Can you imagine putting the costume on in the first place?

This weekend should be fun as we put up the decorations as this year’s Advent season gets underway. The Josh Groban Noël CD arrived just in time!


Pam B said...

Love the cute costume but I found out my 15 yo watches to much Monty Python because of it.

Shannon L. said...

What a costume ! :)

Jennifer, I am sorry you're going through all these tests. They definitely aren't fun. But on some (twisted?) level, they are rather fascinating aren't they ? when I remove myself and the pain from the situation, I'm amazed and intrigued by how far medical technology has come .... and wonder about the first person to drink that lemon flavoured battery acid-type stuff LOL Poor person.

Enjoy the Josh Groban Noel CD, and decorating :D

Lori-Ann said...

bahahahahahaha... (tears from laughing at that link)

tkdchick said...

Glad you made it through another test safe and sound!

Beatrice said...

That was a cute little dragon on that link . I can see how that made you laugh. I chart on dragon farts would be interesting. No flames!! heehee.
I'm glad your tests went well.
Happy Advent!