Friday, May 04, 2007

MAYDAY...May Day... may days

I almost posted this on May 1st, but I was too busy mopping up Bethy barf!

We got back VERY late on Sunday night and got home safely to sleep in the next day. I had been planning to keep the girls home from school anyway and Nick took a bereavement day. We got a few errands done, but neither girl seemed quite themselves and Nick and I were feeling pretty drained as well. The weekend had many wonderful and many poignant moments that left us feeling very connected to family and uprooted at the same time. Helping clean out parts of the house was not only hard emotionally, the dust and mold made it hard for Nick’s allergies and Erin’s asthma.

By Monday night, Erin was feeling terrible and all the glands on one side of her neck were up, so we headed up to the after-hours clinic nearby and they told us how to modify her asthma meds. They checked for strep and mono as well then told us to wait for the results.

Tuesday morning I was set to leave Erin home alone for a few hours while I did my Weight Watcher meeting (which she can do now that she’s 12) and call in to check on her. Bethany kept complaining that her tummy hurt, but I assumed that was because she didn’t want to go to school without Erin. One bite of breakfast proved otherwise, so when I couldn’t find a replacement on such short notice, Nick stayed home with them for a few hours and then headed up to school as soon as I got home. Between the boxes of kleenex for Erin’s nose and the barf duty for Bethany, I was pretty worn out by Tuesday night. A little thing set me off and I suddenly found myself sobbing with all my might as the emotions of the weekend and a good cry for my Grampy and the goodbye to all that really ties me to Montreal bubbled to the surface.

The girls went back to school for 2 days and then stayed home again today as every child had the day off for a provincial teacher development day. Nick drove all the way to Saint John for Early Years sessions, but came home and went right up to the clinic himself. He has pulled something in his shoulder and is now on painkillers and anti inflammatories for the weekend. Sigh!

I think I won’t even brag about being the only healthy one right now in case that jinxes something. I’ll just keep stitching the last of Santa’s Dragon and get to my website updates as soon as I can.