Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One small gift...

This magical heart appeared on our kitchen window during the last snowstorm. Over the holidays, we had 4 storms in 7 days! I took a picture of it before the back window snow thawed out, not knowing how appropriate it would be for this blog.

I got in to see my doctor late last week and finally have some news to share. The pathology reports aren’t back on some of the other internal issues, but the spinal CT scan was fairly conclusive. I have very little disk left between my L5 and S1 vertebrae and thinning disks at the L4 and L3 levels as well. My doctor suspects that one of the clusters of nerves that leads down to the right leg (one that goes around the front area which is less common) is being pinched and is causing the pain. Degenerative disk disease is something that I can learn to live with. Keeping my weight reasonable and doing exercises for my core region to strengthen back and abs will probably help. I will probably start sitting on my ball rather than my office chair at the computer. I also know that shoveling is NOT a part of my winter activities anymore. I tried to do a bit last week between storms and the agony the next 3 days was not worth the calories burned as exercise!

What really brings me here tonight are not by own health concerns, but those of a close friend’s son. Grant has been waiting for a liver transplant for most of his 16 years, but things are getting critical. He is at the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto with his parents who are struggling to be brave as time seems to be slipping away from them. Prospects for livers are so slim right now that they are putting out a call for a partial liver donation instead and spreading the word through friends and family. This procedure only involves giving up a portion of a liver from a living donor, since the liver is the only organ that can regenerate and grow.

If you haven’t ever talked with your family about organ donation or signed an organ donor card, PLEASE don’t wait another day! There is such a huge shortage out there and such a great need. That new life can come from tragedy or loss is one of the greatest gifts out there.

Your prayers for Grant would be appreciated. Regardless of which faith you celebrate, please take a few moments to hold this young boy and his family in your heart.