Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Taking A Day to Get Stuff Done...

I booked the day off on Subfinder today.  I had Dragon Dreams stuff that needed to be done and just couldn’t wait any longer.  Namely, uploading the new website and deleting all the old files from the server.

A month ago, I went back to my sketchpad and tried to figure out exactly what I needed to have on the site, what could make it more fun and more meaningful to navigate around and how I could get back to that feeling that I had when I first started the adventure of sharing my work with the world.  Back then the Internet was a smaller place and there were fewer people out there to talk to.  The kids I talk to in High School when I am substitute teach are SO much more wired into this cyber world than I ever thought would be possible, that I sometimes wonder about this brave new world out here.  It can be both a challenge and a blessing to reach a world wide audience from my dining room table and the laptop computer.

The one thing I have learned about websites is that they can never be static things.  They must grow and evolve and be interactive for people to have a reason to come back for another visit with you.  This won’t be the last overhaul I do to Dragon Dreams , but for now,just for a little while, I am going to sit back and enjoy the fact that the work is done... and wait to see what everyone thinks.

Let me know!