Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stuck When I Want To Be Home!

I finished teaching my classes at the CSNF in Toronto this afternoon at 4:20 and raced right to the airport to check in for my 6:30 flight home. I was so excited to get a connection that would have me on the ground by 9:30, which meant that Nick could meet me at the airport!
When I arrived here, I discovered that Canjet was flying one plane short... so my flight had been rescheduled to leave here at MIDNIGHT! Wannnnnhhhhh! I can feel for all the scrambling they've had to do, but compared to our experiences in the US this past March Break, flying on Canadian airlines leaves a LOT to be desired... no meal voucher, nada.
Now I'm going to be flying home through icky weather, heavy rain and only getting home sometime after 2:30 pm. There's only one thing to do... go find a comfy seat and stitch!
I can't wait to hug and hold my family once I make it home!!

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