Thursday, December 04, 2003

Remembering To Count My Blessings...

I was in the middle of having one of those “poor me” pity parties this morning. It was cold... VERY cold. I know why all the smart creatures sleep through winter or fly South. Not that I hate the white stuff... I just wish it didn’t have to get quite so cold at the same time. Give me a milder winter with a ton of snow to shovel than the drifting of snow and -18 degrees Celsius wind chill this morning. Now that I am a skinnier dragon, that kind of cold goes right through me!

The sudden shift in temperature caused the lock on my self-store door to freeze up again, just when I needed a few more leaflets to glue and ship to Hoffman. There I was at 8:30 am, having gotten Erin back to school and Bethany off to daycare by myself, trying to jimmy a frozen lock down near the marsh with a very raw wind blowing off the Petitcodiac river (also known as the Chocolate River for its brown colour). I finally broke down and got the nice men with the blow torch to heat up the lock for me when the cigarette lighter in the van wouldn’t do diddly.

So now cold and somewhat grumpy, I began to lift box after box to find the 2 titles that I needed amid the 60 or so boxes of leaflets in the dimly lit self-store ( it gets afternoon light...) and thinking about all of the money that I have tied up in these leaflets waiting for them to sell. I am almost out of My Sister- My Friend leaflets after reprinting them a few years ago... and they’ve been paid for ever since then.

So there I was, doing the groceries afterwards.... muttering to myself about press runs and printing on demand... hardly even hearing the lovely Carols that were playing in the background. I’m still not sure what jolted me out of that in the middle of the cereal aisle. Had I heard someone discussing prices or telling a child to put that back on the shelf? Was it the senior that I passed clutching all the coupons and peering at her list? Or was it one of those still, small voice moments that suddenly made me realize how LUCKY I was to be doing my groceries without a panic that I couldn’t afford them (not that I don’t still keep to a weekly budget!) How LUCKY I was that the shelves were full of items to choose from... How LUCKY I was to be able to make healthy choices for my family...

Even though Nick and I have had to make some lifestyle choices to be able to cope with the ups and downs of a freelance income like mine and the costs of investing in your own company and dream, we are still very blessed in so many ways. I need to remember to count those blessings and what I DO have instead of grumping about what I DON’T!

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