Friday, June 18, 2004

Last Day of School and Daycare!

Wow! Where did this year go?? This morning I walked Erin up to the bus stop as she clutched her present for her teacher and told me that she wished school could last all summer (I didn’t have a thermometer to check her temperature to see if she was feverish...) !! Then Bethany and I continued on to daycare with our wagon full of little treats for her 5 “teachers” (Thank Goodness for home-baked goodies and the dollar store!!) and th owner of the daycare where Bethany has enjoyed the last year and a half.

It will be nice not to have to wake up every morning at 6:10 am in order to get everyone out the door by 7:15 on days when I needed the car... but I am sure that there might be the occasional post this summer from a grumpy dragon hiding in her cave while everyone is underfoot (and under tail!). Next year, I will get used to doing all of my creative/concentration work between 8 am and 2 pm while Bethany and Erin are both at school. I am also hoping to teach them to play on their own after homework at least one or two days a week to keep on top of e-mail & orders so that I don’t have to do it all after they are in bed.

This afternoon we will be having our traditional block party among our bus stop kids and parents to celebrate the beginning of summer, but Erin will be home off the bus in just over an hour, so I’d better get to those website updates!!!

Happy Last Day of School!!

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