Monday, June 28, 2004

Santa’s Village Memories and Safe Arrivals...

Road trips are SO much fun with the girls at this age!! We spent Sunday on the road and made it to Gorham, NH before supper last night. Nick wasn’t feeling that well and had driven most of the way, so I took the girls to the pool for an hour-long swim while he slept. We then had a picnic supper in the hotel room with the groceries we’d picked up at the Super Walmart along the way and my poor “Basic Cable” kids went into fits over all the choices on the television!! When the hotel found out we were returning again this summer for their package deal, they gave us the room with 2 king sized beds!! Somehow even after a second swim to tire them out, they still managed to kick each other until I put pillows down the middle of the huge bed. This morning, we went over to the breakfast buffet as part of our package and then took our passes for Santa’s Village with us when we checked out. We drove there and had a GREAT time exploring the place... even though Nick was feeling worse as the day wore on. I drove the winding roads up to Mom’s in Sherbrooke... but Nick recovered enough to take us up the one hill I hate and into the city to Mom’s. Now we can relax and enjoy some family time.

Don’t worry.... the Generosity Dragon AIR will be up on the site on July 1st along with pictures of the new designs... I can do stuff like that remotely!!

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