Friday, September 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me...

The remnants of Hurricane Frances dumped plenty of rain on us again this morning, though not as bad as Gaston. Both girls got on the school bus this morning which was a birthday present in itself!! Both of them pounced on me early this morning to sing and cuddle, then Erin presented me with a lovely drawing that showed me being waited on hand and foot by my family! She also gave me $2.00 from her savings to “buy something fun up at the corner store” which I did right after the bus. I also got plenty of cardio in this morning because Bethany insisted on wearing new shoes that hadn’t been fully broken in yet and by the time we reached the bus stop she was almost in tears at them being so “rubbing on her little feet”. I raced home to pick up the comfy dress shoes and ran back up to the bus stop in time to change the shoes on her feet before she boarded the bus and bring the uncomfy ones home. We try to break the new shoes in by wearing them to church for a month of Sundays where it is only an hour or two instead of a whole day in new shoes... so I reminded her that they would be fine in a month or so once the other ones got tight.

I goofed off today and it felt great!! I did get a shipment ready for Purolator to Hoffman and another parcel for a model stitcher. I decided to pay the higher fees for courier and brokerage on this Hoffman shipment since the last box of these new designs is still missing somewhere and being searched for.

Tonight we are heading out for sushi and then off to Camp Ta-Wa-Si for the weekend. The girls are looking forward to bunk beds and beach glass and I am looking forward to counting stars and having someone else do the cooking! What a nice way to celebrate my 39th!!

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