Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Higher Callings???

After positing my last blog about all the chaos, I can honestly say that I’ve been VERY glad to do what I do from home over the past week. Last Thursday night I didn’t feel well, so once the kids got off to school Friday morning, I crept back home and into bed until Bethany got off the bus that afternoon. I found another instructor to handle my circuit training class for Saturday morning and just slept off an awful flu that consisted of aches, chills and feeling carsick most of the time I was conscious. By Sunday, I was feeling Human again (funny... that expression always makes me think of talking candlesticks and singing clocks since they added the song to the Beauty and the Beast DVD!)

Sunday afternoon, Erin started to come down with it and has been home shivering and feeling miserable for 2 days now. Last night, she handed me a note that told me how glad she was that I worked from home so that I could be there when she was sick.

Yes, I sometimes want to pull my hair out trying to be a wife, mother and small business owner, but in the long run, I wouldn’t walk in anyone else’s shoes. I just got a new illustration assignment that will keep me busy for the next few weeks and give me some great additions to my portfolio... plus I can’t wait to put up some of the surprises for the holidays on my website!

They say there may be a snowstorm or freezing rain storm for tomorrow morning.... Hmmmmm. I wonder how hard my husband and kids will be doing their storm dance??

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