Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tired Of Being A Whiny Dragon....

After the holiday chaos and almost a week without computers while we switch things around in the basement office, I can get back to blogging at last... and yet I don’t really feel like saying much because it feels as if I am always whining.

I posted a notice to a Yahoo group about a copyright abuse today and basically got “trashed” for saying anything. As tempted as I was to reply and repost, I really didn’t want to get into a cyber pissing match with a group who is convinced that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

I think that as I look forward to the next year, I would like to put more of my energies into the things that still bring me joy and explore other aspects of what it is to be creative or seek to create things so that the entries in this blog are more fun to read. For those of you who have slogged through entries with me over this past year... THANK YOU. I promise that in 2005 entries will be shorter, more often and more amusing!!

To give you a grin... here is a cyber version of the much belated verse that is going out to family and friends as our After Christmas Letter!!

As we sat down to scribble out
A charming Christmas letter,
It was so full of blah, blah
That we thought a verse was better.

It’s short and sweet and to the point,
Yet keeps you all updated
On everything that’s going on
And what’s got us so elated.

Bethany has started school
And is learning how to read,
With swimming, Sparks and choir,
She’s a busy girl indeed!

Erin is in a 4-5 split.
She is loving Girl Guides too,
piano, gym and swimming,
plus she measures 5 foot 2!

Nick’s now in Petitcodiac,
As the K to 5 VP,
With a whole wave retiring
Soon a principal he’ll be?????

Jennifer still works from home,
Creating things to stitch,
Yet building on the freelance art,
‘Cause cross stitch has been a ........ little bit slow!

So there you have the year’s big news
We tried hard to keep it terse...
But friends, just like in marriage,
Must take us for Better and Verse!!

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