Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What’s In A Name....

Sometimes filing systems (or retrieval systems) utterly fail because of a name. I’ve spent the better part of today looking through hard drives and zip disks to try and find the final version of a chart and symbol key I need to get to the printer tomorrow. I finally decided to rechart the darn thing since it was only 60 x 60 stitches... but I’m still frustrated.

Of course I get to blame it all on a very good friend of mine, Letha from Fantasy Crafts, because she is the one who helped cause the title confusion in the first place. I suppose that I should explain a bit...

In a few weeks, those of us taking part in the Fantasy Faire ‘05 at the show in Nashville are each going to launch a limited edition fantasy design. We are each going to print only 1000 of our design for this project and make it available to shops that attend the show. They may reorder from us later until the 1000 are all gone. Each one will be hand numbered (and in my case also signed) so that the stitchers know they have something unique.

So as we sat down this summer to bounce ideas around while sharing a room in Columbus, I explained to my roomies, Letha and Teresa, that I was planning to create my own mythical character that incorporated elements of my favourite fantasy creatures.... but that I was stuck for a title. Letha came up with one that had us all in stitches (though I can’t for the life of me figure out how to share it here without offending someone) and the darn title stuck. While I came up with my own title of “Imagination Knows No Bounds”, the other one kept getting stuck in my brain.... so I have NO idea what I called the file when I put it into the computer before stitching it. I checked under all of the possible variables and titles or combinations I could have come up with and found.... NOTHING!

So now at last, it is recharted and can be imported into the layout program. I have matched colours to the stitched model under my Ott light, double-checked braid colours against the model and my early pencil notes etc.

Sigh! A mind is a terrible thing to misplace. I shall be much more careful naming things from now on!!

I did promise more giggles in these blogs... Here’s a joke from one of Erin’s back issues of Chickadee magazine that had us all groaning at supper a few nights ago...

What is chewy, growls and wears bandages??

A Gummy Mummy!!

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