Thursday, June 09, 2005

In A Perfect World...

• Meals would be nutritious, taste good and cook themselves.

• It would be more acceptable to be happy than rich.

• Garden beds would remain weed-free.

• Clothing would recycle into inert matter so that a machine could spit out a clean outfit
every morning that fit perfectly and was guaranteed to be a colour that you look good in.

• Technology would always work when you needed it to instead of causing you to want
to beat your head against the screen.

• People would have more respect for the world that sustains us.

• Grocery shopping could be done on-line and delivered to your door by a smiling
person who would have been as picky on your behalf with produce as you would
have been at the store.

• Schools and hospitals would have all the money they needed.

• There would be such a thing as Tribbles (but they wouldn’t reproduce that fast!)

• We would all finally realize that EVERYONE is “different” and that there is no “US”
because then there has to be a “THEM”.

• Chocolate would contain NO calories or fat.

• We’d ba able to see the real light show of the starry skies overhead every night, even
in the cities, to remember how very small a part we are of a much bigger picture... then
make a wish on the brightest star.

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