Friday, February 03, 2006

I’m Now Married To A Principal!!!

In the midst of getting ready for the trade show, we get some fabulous news. After weeks of putting in applications and getting set for 3 interviews for 3 Principalships, Nick went into the first interview yesterday for one of the schools he wanted most and just did a fabulous job. He came home with a grin on his face and a sense of relief that the interview process for the day was over and told me that he couldn’t possibly have done anything better. Usually he comes home and thinks of things he should have said or done... but not this time. Right after supper, the phone rang to give him the news that he’d been given the Principalship of Magnetic Hill School for a 5 year term starting in the fall of 2006!!!

There were happy squeals and hugs from all of us as Nick got caught in the middle of the three females in his life all trying to congratulate him at once! Since this school is just 7.8 km from the school, his commute will now be about 6 minutes by highway instead of 25!! Nick jokes that he might even bike to work a few days this summer when he’s going in to check things out...

I am SO proud of how much he has grown as an administrator these past 2 years. Even though the switch to being a VP at Petitcodiac meant a lot of adjustment for our family, the experience that he got there gave him the skills and confidence he needs for this next step in his career. Way to go, NICK!!!!

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