Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summer’s Magic... and More Rodents!

It has been sweltering here in the Maritimes since we got home, just like it was in Sherbrooke. Since this is the weather I only dream of in the depths of winter, I don’t complain too much, but sleeping is hard and I didn’t even try to draw today. I hate trying not to sweat on artwork. Instead, we hid in the cool basement and I did a bit of charting.

After dinner, we went for a walk in the park near our house and picked raspberries as a family. We got almost 2 cups of them to bring home and wash in case of bugs, pesticides etc. I can remember walking with my Dad on Nun’s Island/ Ile des Soeurs near Montreal as a child and doing the same thing. I think we just ate them as we picked them back then...

The girls were busy telling me what a wonderful adventure that was and how that was just “one of the most funnest things about summer” when we noticed our neighbour out on her front step holding something small and furry in her hands. She is in the same class as Erin at school and so we went over to say hi. To their utter delight, Erin and Bethany discovered that she had 3 baby bunnies that her brother had rescued from a field over the weekend after the mother had been killed.

My girls sat there with their eyes shinning in excitement and their hands full of tiny, soft, fluffy bunnies!! I should have used these little rodents for the models of my dust bunnies... I think this will forever remain the “summer of the rodent adventures” in my memories!


tkdchick said...

How precious!

From reading your blog, I think you've made a lot of special memories with your girls this summer!

Erin said...

Oh my heavens, those are just completely too adorable! Lots of rodents for you lately. I was sorry to hear about Jellybean. What a wild story with that groundhog! And now the world's cutest bunnies. LOL Only you, Jen.

bassetmom said...

Oh, that bunner is cute. The poor thing would not have a chance in my yard, though as I have a basset hound that makes every effort to keep my yard bunny-free!