Monday, November 20, 2006

No Computer... sort of

Well, my poor computer seems to have a bad case of the hiccups, flu or something. I did manage to run a full virus check and found some suspicious files, deleting them, but the poor thing is still prone to freezing or locking and I lost work twice today. The NBed site was compromised this month and maybe when Nick goes to check his mail on my machine, something is able to get in... so he’s off limits for mail on my machine. After all, teachers in NB were able to get those new laptops, so he can use that!

I’ve just spent almost an hour on the phone waiting or speaking with people from Symantec and apparently, the version of SystemWorks 3.0 that I bought just over a year ago can still check for viruses, but now that I have system as my operating system, I can no longer boot from that CD in an emergency to fix problems with Norton Disk Doctor or de-fragment my drive with Speed Disk. I now have to go out and find a local retailer that is selling the SAME version of the program I have, but the 3.0.1 version that shipped just a few months after I bought this one.

Honestly... I could just about scream!!


Joanna said...

BTW, we've utterly given up on Symantec because it broke two different machines. However, we picked up MS's new "Live OneCare" for US$20 at CompUSA. Even if it's not on sale, the price is US$50 for 3 licenses - Symantec's more for just one machine. Although, amusingly, all the CD does is open up MS's website online.

Good luck!

ErisRaven said...

Drop me an email at erisraven at charter dot net, and I'll try to help you troubleshoot the sad little thing :)

I do tech support for a living, and consider it a thank you from a dedicated fan!


Anonymous said...

I hope your computer get better soon!