Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Steps Forward... One Step Back!

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so happy on Thursday about getting the computer back, getting the website updated and finally being able to blog again! By Friday at noon the computer was worse than ever and wouldn’t even run the diagnostic disk I’d purchased... so as soon as Nick got home, in it went for another check up. The technician did admit that he’d done nothing more than defragg the drive and then check the programs with the most basic diagnostic tools he had. This time, I asked him to crawl through there and find out what is WRONG!! My poor computer!!!

The weekend was a flurry of sleep overs, swim lessons, planning for the Advent Gathering at church, baking a new recipe for Christmas cookies etc. Last night’s turnout wasn’t as good as we’d hoped for, but those who came certainly enjoyed themselves. The girls and I will finish colouring the window ourselves this week.

So, instead of working on one graphics project, this morning is all about getting to one particularly stubborn pile of clutter on my office floor and making sure that all the tiny pieces of paper, receipts, fabric bits etc. get filed or put back in their proper places. I just can’t procrastinate about it any more!!!

Sniff.... I want my computer back and working properly!!!


wunderlust said...

Hi Jennifer,

my own computer is doing the exact same thing as yours is, and it turns out to be the fan on the cpu is dead, so the computer keeps overheating and stalling. I get on average about five to ten minutes before the computer freezes, and then I have to turn it off, leave it for a bit, and turn it back on. I thought originally that it was my motherboard on the way out, and so not liking my hard drives (its been known to happen), but apparently not. I also defragged, (I use Norton Utilites, along with Disk Keeper 9, and found them to be the best. Disk Keeper you can download from the net, for free for a trial), and I ran various spyware removal tools (Ad Aware from Lavasoft, and Ewido are two of the best you can get, and both are also free downloads, though I also use Symantec Corporate Antivirus). All I can suggest for now is to take the side off the computer tower and place a small desk fan facing the CPU, and to find yourself a better computer man. Love your designs, and hope things get better.

Erin said...

I sure hope you gave that guy an earful! You could have done that yourself. Hope it comes back all better soon!