Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sore Hands Again

I’ve been stitching so much lately, that my hands hurt. I know... I can just hear the groans of envy out there. “I’d love to have that problem! I’d love to spend 6 hours stitching in a single day...”

I am NOT a fast stitcher. That is why so often, I rely on the amazing model stitchers that have helped bring my designs to life over the years. Santa’s Dragon is different. I keep changing things and it is driving me crazy!!

I got behind with Grampy dying and a few other bumps in the road. Now it feels like the impossible deadline is breathing down my neck and so I stitch until my hands cramp. It was the same last summer working on illustrations for 8 to 12 hours a day. Such a fragile balance between demanding the best that my hands can offer and trying to protect them from damage. I will massage them well with hand cream before bed.

The one great thing about this design is that I know how much fun stitchers will have bringing it to life... especially if they don’t set crazy deadlines for themselves.


Erica said...

There's a simple solution you know.....

Send it to a model stitcher and then you'll have to stop making changes!! :-)

I'd volunteer, but am under 2 model deadlines myself at the moment....

Can't wait for Santa's Dragon - it'll be beautiful, whenever it's ready!

Lori-Ann said...

I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation...and preparation. Being Santa's number 1 fan, I just HAVE to have this pattern. ;)
I also have s very soft heart for stranded dragons...I bought a "Shine Star" dragon at the drug store the other day. It was all alone among a group of other stuffed animals. Sparkley purpla wings and sparkley blue on Earth could I resist adopring. Her name is Celeste ;)