Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today is not only the last full day of school for the kids, it is also Day Two of the Great House Hunt. My Mom and Stepfather, John, are here to hunt for a house now that their house in Sherbrooke is in the process of being sold. The hope to be all moved down here before the fall. It is an exciting time, yet not without a sense of bittersweetness. I really do consider myself a Maritimer now, after almost 25 years of living in the area. I may have been born in Montreal, Quebec... but once Mom and John move down here, there will be very little reason for me to visit that province again.

The first day of summer has started with rain, but my poor vegetable garden really needs the steady, gentle rain. I also need more time to stitch and catch up on paperwork, so perhaps this is a good thing. All too soon, the kids and Nick will be underfoot wanting to take a break for the summer... and I will have to still do work around them. If the weather is nice, I may choose to do most of it at night!

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