Monday, October 15, 2007

Home With A Sick Bunny!

Bethany was running a fever last night and had a rotten case of the sniffles, so I let her sleep in this morning and sent Erin off to school to write her provincial English Language tests. Now that my “bunny” is up and around, she seems to be quite a bit better. The fever is way down and I am giving her plenty of liquids. It might be the same head cold that had Nick and I feeling off last week. Needless to say, I will NOT give her any of the cold medication that we took!

This is one of the nice things about my job and working from home. Although I do end up rearranging my day a bit and taking more breaks (which is probably better for my hands anyway), I am able to be home when one of the girls is sick, unless it falls on a Tuesday. Even then, there would probably be another Weight Watcher leader who could cover for me.

I almost thought about getting her to help assemble kits for Toronto. My mind went a bit blank when I looked at the calendar and realized that in 10 days, I will be heading to Toronto for the Creativfestival! Child Labour Laws not withstanding, I thought it better to keep the germs off the kits just in case!

I am about to go wrestle packing beads into tiny bags over a cookie tray for the Beadpoint Basics class. This should be interesting.... I’m going to be sure not to sneeze!

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Lori-Ann said...

achoo! click,click,click,click,click,click,click,click,click (they dreaded sound of hundreds of beads hitting the floor) DOH!(I know what they sound like ;)