Wednesday, November 07, 2007

One more test down...

Having all that icky stuff to drink for the CT scan certainly didn’t agree with me! I was in such pain (and VERY bloated) by Monday night that I went and sat in the Emergency department hoping to be seen. I thought perhaps that they could feel something different when I was all puffed up like that. However, there were several cases that came in on the acute side and after 6 hours, I gave up and went home!

Yesterday, I was still uncomfy but not as “puffy” (No jokes about PUFF the magic dragon, please!) and I managed get a hold of my doctor’s office. They squeezed me in and she managed to pull up my CT scan results.

The good news is, aside from the slight beginnings of some bone degeneration in one of my spinal disks (common in tall people but I’m going to take more calcium just in case!) the CT was absolutely clear of anything strange or startling going on with my liver, kidneys and intestines. Given my Dad’s battle with colon cancer right now, that was VERY good news indeed.

The bad news is, that means they still have no idea what is causing all this pain... which keeps getting steadily worse. After her examination yesterday, my doctor said that perhaps we needed to take a second look at the possibility of a small hernia or tear in one of the muscles, especially since the 6 sessions of physio didn’t improve things.

So... one less thing to panic about, one more silver lining of good news to be thankful for, but I’m still getting a bit cranky from not being able to sleep well at night or get comfy during the day. Having been a VERY active person the past few years, I’m also finding it hard being a more idle dragon.

The good news is, this gives the dragon lots of time to think up twisted ideas, fun stuff, crazy illustration ideas etc.

I can’t wait for the cross stitch retreat this weekend either. I am going to work on the felted dragon kit that I bought in Toronto, take naps whenever I feel tired, be free from cooking any meals for almost 48 hours and spend time with my Mom. She’s coming along to her first retreat! I think she’ll be hooked!

Time to go dig some more Why Hoard Gold patterns out of the self store for my Hoffman order (not lifting too many at a time) and then pick up something that’s NOT mine to stitch on at retreat!


Lori-Ann said...

Very sorry that you still hurt and having trouble grabbing Z's. :(

BUT... at least they believe you and are trying to find out. So good that those important organs are doing well, Amen. Hope laughing at retreat doesn't hurt too much.

Speaking of retreat, I might be able to get a "daypass on Saturday"! If I see you, I'll have to remember to hug gently ;) wahoo!

Erin said...

Well, yay and darn. Yay that things look good; darn they still can't find something to fix. {{{hugs}}}