Friday, May 09, 2008

She Tried Her Best...

I survived the trip to Fredericton and back with Erin. She did really well, but not enough to place in the top 3. The girl who placed 3rd in our District 2 competition had one of those glorious days where everything went so well and she poured her heart into the competition, aced the impromptu question and won the entire competition. Erin was happy for her and gracious about the medal and other participation prizes. On the ride home, she admitted to being disappointed that she couldn’t bring a trophy home for her school, but I explained that to make it to the top 15 in the province was still QUITE the accomplishment...

and then I got lost trying to leave Fredericton.

We got home by 6 pm, fed her and have tucked her in for the night. She needs to be at the volleyball tournament for 7:15 am, so I am off to bed shortly behind her. All the driving and then sitting most of the day have made me really, really sore... but she was worth it.

How to I explain to her how proud I am for just trying? Perhaps she’ll understand some day when she watches her own child attempt something. It isn’t always about winning. Sometimes, it is just about the experience life offers you... to take a risk and reach for that star or not attempt because you might not place first.

I am SO proud of her!


Erica said...

Jen - all you need to do is have her read your blog post.

Congrats Erin on a job well done!

Lori-Ann said...

Congrats to Erin on her courage to try.

Congrats to you for finding your way back, LOL. Hope your health recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

Go Erin! She should be very pround of herslef for making it that far!

I hope you feel better soon! I try to keep up with what is going on, but have had another bit of drama in our household again.

Take care and hugs to the whole family!