Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Newsletter and Contest Up AT LAST!

The thing about deadlines is that sometimes, I am very, VERY bad about keeping them!  

I think it will be worth the wait...

I hope that you will adore the little 2010 Valentine Dragon Mystery chart on our website right now with the blank colour key to stitch up before March 21st, 2010.  I will share some of the best ones in April and release MY version of the colour key, but I know that all of you have incredible imaginations and lots of cool bits and pieces in your stash that are just begging to be used up.

I am working hard on my ornament for the 2010 JCS Ornament Issue and can’t decide between 2 different choices, so I’d like your input.  I’m not going to ruin the surprise by showing off both sketches, but I will ask you this one question.

How important is it to you to have a dragon or fantasy creature in there?

One of my designs has a mother and baby dragon and the other one is something really cool and Christmassy with perforated paper, but not Fantasy at all.

What do you want to see more?

Chime in, share and go check out the chart on the website’s newsletter page.



Silverlotus said...

You've done some wonderful things with perforated paper, so that sounds good to me. But I also love your fantasy ornaments. I think you should go with the design you feel best about.

And thank you for the Valentine chart. It is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I really look forward to the dragons and my kids love when I am finshed. they start bickering who gets it so I now have to stich up 2! Love the dragons/fantasy creatures personally so few people do them as ornaments.

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to seeing how you've incorporated a fantasy creature into the christmas theme :)
I love the ornaments you've done for the past issues and have stitched all many times.
So this is a big yes vote !
PLEASE include a fantasy creature.

Nina :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the design on perforated paper is just fab....But I for 1 NEED to see your fantasy creatures. I just LOVE them :)

Wendy in Australia

CraftyGryphon said...

Oh, yay! Thank you for the little Dragon Mystery Chart. I'm hoping I can get one done by the deadline, but there's Knitting Olympics and a sweater happening... oh well, I'll try!

andi said...

I love your fantasy creatures, but everything you do is great so please release the one you like best. :)

And thanks so much for the Valentine's Chart! It's so cute!

Anonymous said...

A dragon mom and baby? What perfect timing. I am looking forward to seeing it. Will it be offered for sale at Patterns On line?

Thanks so much for continuing to design. I love stitching dragons.

Nikki said...

I'm very biased about which so on that preface, I'd love the one with dragon. Something very special always happens with your dragons for me, so yea my vote goes with a dragon orny.

Nicole said...

I'm also voting for the dragon/fantasy theme - your dragons are the best part of JCS :)

ilovejack34 said...

I love dragons and would love a mother and baby dragon one :D.
Thanks for the wonderful Valentines gift :D

riona said...

I have always loved your dragons and, as a grandma, I love the idea of a mother and baby dragon ... it would make a great ornament for my little grand-daughter.
In fact, I have saved all my JCS for several years and have started making Christmas towels for my own kitchen using your ornament designs which fit perfectly in a huck towel stitching space. One down, three more to go.

Carolyn in VA said...

Here's another vote for the fantasy theme.! = )
I love love love the idea of a mother and baby dragon - something special I can stitch for each of my two girls.
Thanks for the February little dragon - I'm loving him!

Erin said...

I think you have to do whatever calls to YOU the loudest...the same way we stitchers pull patterns from our stash. (That said, having given birth to my first child this past March, I'd love a mother/child dragon design!! But that's just my purely selfish opinion.)

Anne-Marie said...

Thank you for the beautiful Valentine dragon which I have just found! It's wonderful for anytime of the year. Your dragon collection is fabulous - a mother and baby dragon would compliment your 2009 Xmas design beautifully. I stitch them every year for my son and look foroward eagerly to the 2010 design