Monday, September 15, 2003

Beach Glass and Campfire Sparks

This weekend gave us one last taste of summer weather and we had the most wonderful spot on earth in which to enjoy it! Nick, Erin, Bethany and I headed about 45 minutes out of Moncton to the Northumberland Straight where the United Church Camp Ta-Wa-Si is located for an overnight church retreat. We got there in time to register and enjoy lunch before taking part in wonderfully crazy get to know you games and an afternoon of combing the beach for beach glass and seashells. As the temperature soared, we even dipped ourselves in the ocean for one last time this season...but the water was very chilly! The Dragon had goose bumps on her scales!!

This is the third summer that our girls have been to the camp for a private church rental like this, so they know the site well and loved the new play park. They also know the ground rules about playing beside the dining hall or coming to tell us if they are heading to the tire swings at the edge of the woods. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy some time with other adults or linger at a meal, knowing that our daughters were having the chance to run around and explore in a safe place. There are less chances for our children to do this now than when we were kids roaming around our neighbourhoods. Just today, one of the other parents at the bus stop warned me that someone has been lurking near our neighbourhood park trying to encourage children to get in his car!

I also loved the chance to sing around the campfire... though I am still on a hunt for other former girl guides who know the song “Barges”. The harmony to that song is one of my favourites to sing... and yet I almost never find anyone who knows what I am talking about. I guess Barney helped keep other songs like “Alice the Camel” alive for the new generation. Sigh... I shall just have to teach the song to my daughter’s Brownie Pack!

I came back so recharged... if not very rested after a night on camp bunk beds. I had intended to post this entry last night or first thing this morning once I got everyone off to school... but Erin’s school had a water main break and so we all had to go gather up our kids to bring them home!!

Ah well... the serenity of the weekend’s wonderful memories will help make this hectic Monday more bearable!

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