Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Cavalry Has Arrived!!

I do indeed know what it is like to be a cruise director... to one tiny little hard to please customer! Bethany was definitely feeling better today and kept ordering me to produce new activities whenever she got bored. Of course, having some work to do, I didn’t always respond fast enough for her liking. She is still sick enough (and at 4 still egocentric enough) that this produced several tantrums today when I didn’t bow to her every wish.

But now Nanny and Grr ( Erin couldn’t quite say Granddad when she was little and the nickname stuck) are here and there is an endless parade of new things to show and share that they haven’t heard 14 million times like Mommy and Daddy have!

I am also looking forward to retreat... so if I am not blogging much in the next few days... you will know that I am off relaxing and recharging batteries. I’ll try to post tomorrow before I waltz off and leave the girls in the capable hands here.... (hee! Hee!)

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