Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Mommy Dragon Wishes She Could Flame the Germs Away!

There is something so frustratingly helpless about watching your child suffer. I wish that I had magic enough to flame germs at the microscopic level in which they exist... but all I can do is watch how they are making Bethany suffer. Yesterday, it got so bad that we had to take her into Outpatients at the hospital. She has developed a host of chicken pox in a place that little girls (and even big girls) do NOT want to have them. The doctor said that it was one of the worst he’d ever seen and gave us some topical anesthetic to use VERY sparingly. I think she would live in a baking soda bath 24/7 right now if she didn’t keep looking like a little pink raisin!

This morning, I think that we have turned the corner (although she still has a crop of new ones elsewhere on her body) because she is in much better humour and at least willing to eat a bit of food or play.

How hard it must be for parents who face more serious illnesses with their children. At least I have had the comfort all along of knowing that, though painful as this outbreak has been for both my girls, it IS something from which they can recover. It has been a wonderful way to teach them both to count your blessings even in the midst of a yucky experience. It is also good to know that when 30 years have passed, thinking back to this illness, as I have been remembering my own bout with Chicken Pox, the memories will be vague and distant instead of vivid.

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