Saturday, February 14, 2004

Ahhh... The Joys of Being a One Dragon Show....

It’s almost 1 am here on Friday the 13th and I just got all my updates sent over for my website. Entering all the addresses of the shops that ordered from me in Nashville (so that stitchers know where to get their claws on our two special sample designs) has made me almost cross-eyed, but it was fun to also put up the picture of me with a SWORD!! It was so COOL to wear one all weekend, even if it was heavy enough to give me a new appreciation of what real warriors had to lug around.

Nick and I decided to switch our “date night” to tomorrow night anyway, so I slogged on with my HTML code and got the first one in my Generosity/Elemental dragons up on the site. After getting so much feedback from stitchers all over the world, I figured that the honour system would work best rather than forcing people to give to just one charity. I tried to also include some ideas of how people could help/contribute in non-financial ways... so we shall see what stitchers think.

Earlier tonight we had some friends of ours over for pizza and so that all our kids (and the Big Kids too) could watch Lion King 1 1/2 to see if it was worth buying. After being SO disappointed with STITCH when it came out directly to DVD, I vowed we’d always rent one first to see. I laughed harder than I did at some of the antics in Nashville!! The DVD was HILARIOUS!!! Watching Nick twitch when Timone started to hum “It’s a Small World” was priceless. He and I got stuck for over 25 minutes in the finale of that ride when we went together about 10 years ago and the song is a joke/form of torture for him. I also thought that a Riverdancing warthog was worth anything they might charge for my own copy, so the girls have decided that would make a much better Valentine’s present for me than roses which “go all mushy after days and days”! Such thoughtful children!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

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