Monday, February 16, 2004

Of Cows and Cold... Of Robots and Reorders...

Well, I know that life was going to be a bit crazy between Nashville and Myrtle Beach... but I didn’t imagine quite how much! Luckily I don’t have any more outdoor photos to do because the temperature has plunged back down to the horrid “take your breath away” cold. I’m actually in the middle of cows again with two projects for Milk Maritime. It is fun drawing the mascot Moo-moo or this time even a glass with a cape and good biceps, but working on complex projects in a short time span means losing a bit of precious sleep hours.. . which is hard now that the high of the trade show has worn off.

Bethany is still quite the shadow, as if she worries I will take off again without notice. She knows that we all go together to Myrtle Beach... but is still very clingy. Erin has a project due at the end of the week. She has had to build a robot with her parents (not functional... unless you want to have moving parts) and we’ve had great fun making a circuit board out of wires and cheerios or wrapping wire around chopsticks to get a good coil. We found some cool kitchen gadgets for hands and are hoping to borrow a neighbour’s garage to spray the whole thing silver by Wednesday... but her classmates keep bragging about their walkie-talkie insides or remote control car legs. I tried to explain that mostly girl toys around the house means not a lot of parts to incorporate.... but it is quite amazing to watch how competitive everyone is getting just in Grade 3!! Sigh! What ever happened to just being proud when you did YOUR best???

It is also very satisfying to get reorders from shops that attended Nashville already! It adds to the blur of the week but in a happy way. I am aware of growing pains as every now and then the company gets beyond what I can comfortably handle myself. Once Bethany is in school this coming fall, I shall see which of my graphics clients I truly want to keep and assess everything else as I also get back into more freelance illustration projects.

For now, I put my nose to the cow grindstone and dream of slightly warmer temperatures... it can’t possibly be THIS cold in Myrtle Beach, so any extra warmth will be a welcome change!!

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