Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I Love It When A Cheque Arrives On Time!

Maybe it is a carry-over from those bygone days at University when mail was so important. Once a day there was that trek to the mail room when you opened your box... just to see if there was mail from anyone back home. I know that at Mount Allison, one of the highlights was seeing that bright orange “PARCEL” slip that meant you might have a care package with some FOOD in it!!! On days when there was no mail, some of us often waived the little metal door back and forth just to circulate the air in there in the hopes that the next day would bring something instead of just empty box.

I am still like that at my postal box or when I stick my nose out in the freezing cold to reach inside our brass mailbox. I think longingly of the mail slot in my grandparents door where you could hear the mail hit the foyer floor each day with a satisfying slither. I am sure it was also a bit drafty, but not as bad as having to open the whole door and let out the warmth!!

I had the pleasure of getting a long-awaited cheque in the mail today for an order than Nick and I batched and shipped to one of our US distributors back in December. They in turn shipped the product to the chain store they deal with in early January and Net 30 after that date, mail us our cheque! The nice thing about this order was that it was from a press run that I had already paid for, so THIS cheque is able to help cover the Runekeeper Saga I finally had printed and just released in Nashville. To have this cheque arrive a full week before my invoice is due is a nice change from the juggling and balancing I sometimes have to do!

Now if only there was a parcel slip with the possibility of some Kraft Dinner or cookies from my Nanny...

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