Monday, April 05, 2004

Back On-Line After Computer Woes At Last!!

This year the April Fool’s Joke was on me a few days early!! Last Monday, my computer began acting funny and making strange noises before it dissolved into nothing more than a box of plastic and wires that wouldn’t even acknowledge it had a hard drive!

Of course I handled this as any sensible, computer-dependent graphic designer with deadlines would.... I totally freaked out!! I did manage to find out about a wonderful company in Fredericton (about an hour and a half away) that handled Macs, so off my poor computer went by courier. I always do my back-ups at the end of the month, but I may just go to bimonthly after this last episode!! As it turned out to be the hard drive itself getting old, they transferred most of the information over to a new, larger hard drive and put in more RAM while they had the case open, so now I have my machine back and am slowly returning to the world of the wired.

It was a very STRANGE feeling to be so cut off from the Internet, e-mail, computer programs to design with. I did still put pencil to paper on a few projects (which is how I always start my designs) but it still felt strange...

I’m glad to be back blogging and have finally got the website updates over to the server, but that’s about all the energy I have for tonight. Erin had her first slumber party this weekend and I am still catching up on sleep... but that is another story for another blog!!

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