Thursday, August 25, 2005

Off Again!

My girls are becoming experts at packing up and jaunting off. Yesterday we went to Rainbow Valley in PEI, a wonderful old amusement park that is closing its doors forever after Labour Day. It was a cold and slightly grey day, so we didn’t do the water slides, but the girls had a wonderful time anyway.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we hop on a plane to head to Ottawa for a family wedding leaving Nick behind. He’s got a lot on his plate getting things ready for the teachers coming back on Monday and the kids on September 6th. He also plans to paint the family room while we are gone because big projects like that are much easier when everyone isn’t underfoot!

Luckily, my girls love to travel. I didn’t think that they would EVER get settled for bed tonight so that I could finish up a few things. Next weekend, I will be off to Dragon*Con in Atlanta to be She-Hulk as the Rolling Stones invade Moncton for the outdoor concert! Where has the summer gone???

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